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LA Times Editorial On McDavid Case Reichel, Plesser want a hearing!

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The LA Times Editorial today about the McDavid case should be the final straw for Sacramento federal criminal judge MC England to hold an Order T Show Cause Hearing about what exactly happened in the case where federal criminal defense attorney Mark Reichel was denied the evidence in a trial in 2007.  It should be. [...]

Sacramento Defense Attorneys Reichel Plesser Doing Good Work Here

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Hopefully, the new DNA evidence in this criminal case will help release this young man. My interview explaining it is here.       New DNA Evidence Could Completely Change Leila Fowler Case POSTED 7:06 PM, FEBRUARY 19, 2015, BY BEN DECI, UPDATED AT 07:02PM, FEBRUARY 19, 2015   CALAVERAS COUNTY- It’s been almost two years since a terrible [...]

Sacramento Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Reichel on NEWS10 About illegal Police Spying

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Sacramento criminal defense attorneys Mark Reichel and Steve Plesser are committed to enforcing our clients rights when charged with a crime.  ABC News interviewed Mark about police spying.  Here is the link and the story.   Mark Reichel interviewed by clicking here.